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News Release: 8/24/2017 Attollo Systems, John Barker, quoted in global organization PMI.

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August 24, 2017
The Project Managemeent Institue (PMI), a global advocacy group for project management practices since 1969, released a new career skills development article on good networking techniques at conferences. Attollo Systems' COO, John Barker PMP, a Culpeper based technology consulting firm, was quoted in the article:

"Perfect Strangers

It’s easy for natural networkers to barrel into a room of strangers and steer conversations toward a shared alma mater or hometown. But those who hate networking should break the ice in advance of attending a live event, says John Barker, PMP, COO, tech firm Attollo Systems, Culpeper, Virginia, USA.

Find a list of event attendees and reach out to a few of them online during the days or weeks before you attend the event. Keep this early engagement brief: Share a line or two about your career, why you’re attending the event and that you’re looking forward to chatting in person. “Then, when the event arrives, you’ve already know some people to speak with,” he says."

You can read the entirety of the article called:  "Network Without Cringing (Really!)"  by clicking HERE.

John Barker, Chief Operating Officer
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