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Virginia Values Veterans Employer Training Seminar

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October 03, 2017
Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Employer Training Seminar to be hosted by Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday, 18 April 2018. The event, to be held at Germanna’s Daniel Technology Center from 08:00 to 15:30, is for companies interested in learning why and how to hire veterans, including obtaining grants up to $10,000 for hiring and retaining vets for at least one year and obtaining HRCI and SHRM credit hours via V3 training. V3 member companies will join a highly respected field of private and public sector organizations that have committed to hiring Veterans. These member companies will have access to cutting-edge best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining veterans. Any company completing all training requirements will be recognized as an official “V3-Certified Company” and awarded a certificate from the Governor of Virginia. 
Detective Angela Deavers, V3 POC Culpeper County Sheriff?s Office